The 7 Surprising Reasons to Write an Ebook Without Delay

Writing ebooks and selling them online is one of the fastest and easiest ways to make money online. But making money is just one of the surprising reasons to write them.

The reason they are surprising is that most writers do not realize how powerful they are. Without further delay, here are 7 more reasons why you should get started and write an ebook, starting today:

1. Speed to Market
If you have ever thought about writing a book and getting it published, then you probably know it takes over a year and sometimes two just to go from idea to finally seeing your book in the bookstore.

It took me 3 years to write my first print book and get it published. Waiting years to publish your words is just a waste of time.

It only takes me a few hours of work to brainstorm, write and publish one (between 12 and 24 hours of effort) and a few days to set up your website.

You can come up with an idea, immediately start writing and publish your e-book for sales in a few weekends. Once you get the hang of it, you can even write, publish and make your first sale in as little as a weekend.

2. Become an Instant Expert
When you publish an eBook in your niche, you instantly become an expert in the eyes of everyone else in that niche. You literally can go from a casual fan of your passion to the go-to resource and expert on that topic. I have seen it happen dozens of times to ordinary people like you and me.

Plus, when you publish, you immediately will be able to start saying “Author of…” in all communication. People look up to authors and they go to them for expert advice. When you write it and publish it, you will become a celebrity in your own niche.

3. Profit While You Sleep
So you get instant celebrity status, but with your own product you also get a salesperson. A what?

I am talking about your website that you set up to sell ebooks. Once you publish, you will sell your product through a real simple website that tells people about your product and why they need it to help them solve their problem or achieve success in the topic you wrote about.

That website is up and running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It operates like your virtual salesperson, selling your products and services and telling everyone how great you are.

4. Huge Profit Margins
And speaking of making money online by selling ebooks, not only can you make money while you sleep, but you can keep a lot of the money as well. I am talking of course about profit margin – the difference between what you sell something for and what it costs to make.

Most companies have anywhere from a 15 to a 30 percent gross margin. Some lucky industries have upwards of a 50 gross margin, which means for every dollar in sale, they keep 50 cents.

They have close to a 95 percent margin or higher. Think about that for a moment because there is no product around that has that kind of profit margin.

That is the beauty of having no inventory and only offering a digitally downloadable products. Thanks to that high profit margin, you need to sell fewer units in order to make a lot of money online versus selling any other kind of product.

5. Leverage Your eBook Content
Once your eBook is written and published, you can reuse the content for other purposes. You can take the content and record yourself reading it and now you have an audio book that you can sell. You can pull out the best parts and create a special report as a giveaway product to get people to sign up at your website.

This is called a lead generator.

You can add some additional materials to your ebooks, including CDs and a manual and now you a high-priced home-study course on your hands. And these ideas are just the beginning of what you can do by leveraging your writing and transforming that content into additional products.

6. Lead Generator for Your Business
When you write an eBook in a niche, you already know you become an expert in that niche. People doing a search on Google will come across your name when they are looking for help. When they buy and read what you have to say, they will get the help or information they need.

However, sometimes people need more help and that is an opportunity to make even more money…and help people in the process.

Authors who work at it can branch out and start coaching clients or create a membership site where people will pay you every month to get additional insights, information, secrets and tactics about your niche.

If you think you have a small niche or some little topic, think again. There are membership sites with paying customers in just about every niche you can imagine.

If there is not a paid membership site in your niche, then you have the golden opportunity to start one. At minimum, you can start coaching people for a lot of money, definitely more than you are earning at your day job.

7. eBook Writing is Easy
Lastly, you should realize that writing your first draft is real easy, especially when you write your first one. Since they can be short – anywhere between 40 to 100 double-spaced pages – you can write them in a few days if you really wanted to.

Once you learn how to write ebooks, you can simply repeat the process over and over again. In fact, there are just 7 simple steps that you have to follow.

Now that you know the best reasons to write an ebook, I would like to invite you to get your Free Instant Access to the 7 Ebook Writing Secrets Email Course.