What’s Your Next Step With Your eBook?

At a writers/publishers group meeting the speaker said that fiction eBooks are outselling print books 30:1 and nonfiction eBooks are outselling print books 5:1.

I was encouraged by these numbers because when I read articles I get through my Google alerts on “eBooks” I hadn’t seen those numbers recently. One of her main sources is Book Industry Study Group (BISG.org).

Since eBooks are still big sellers, I encourage you to move forward with your goal to write and publish an eBook. (You can always do a print book later.) I’d like to help you discover where you are in the process and what kind of help you need to complete your book or eBook.

1. You have an idea for an eBook. This is a great place to start. Your NEXT STEP might be to review your goal for writing your eBook and determine your ideal reader and why they would buy your eBook.

2. You have some notes collected and possibly an outline. Some first time authors get stuck at this point because they’re unfamiliar with the process of writing an eBook. So a good NEXT STEP would be to review your table of contents to make sure it meets both your goal and your readers’ goal. Then start filling in your ideas into each chapter.

3. You’ve started writing your eBook and have stumbled on writer’s block or writer’s procrastination or writer’s lack of time! Your NEXT STEP could be to schedule time in your calendar for writing and make it as important as any other appointments. You might also get some accountability with a friend, another writer, or a writing coach.

4. You’ve finished writing your eBook, but know it could be cleaner and tighter. A great NEXT STEP would be to have several people in your “ideal reader” market read and critique your eBook. Then the NEXT STEP would be to get a professional edit.

5. Your eBook is written, critiqued, edited, and you’re ready to publish. Your NEXT STEP is to get a cover designed and your interior formatted and converted to an eBook. Then have it uploaded to Amazon and other book selling sites.

6. Your book has just been accepted by Amazon Kindle. Your crucial NEXT STEP is to start marketing and promoting your eBook like crazy! You can promote it online through social media, YouTube, and emails as well as offline through events, media, and networking.

I’ve suggested a enough NEXT STEPs to take you from idea to Amazon! These ideas should ease your journey to completing your eBook. It’s an amazing feeling when you see your eBook on Amazon for the first time, and an even more amazing feeling when you get your first sale!