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Skull Design, A Classic Style for Stainless Steel Jewelry

Fashion continues to mold the way the world looks and this, in turn, impacts the things that consumers buy. While considering the aesthetic value of the product, others also take into account the functionality it offers. Accessories provide an accent to the ensemble of an individual and this makes these products one of the most purchased items in relation to fashion. The overall appearance of a person can be enhanced by jewelry when the right pieces are used.

The use of jewelry is not new and it can even be traced to the times of Pharaohs and Queens. The creativity of manufacturers and designers sprout from the continues demand of jewelry pieces. Gone are the days that only gold and silver are the main materials used. Plated metal, stainless steel and just about anything that you can think of can be used to create a dainty piece.

Fashion changes with the season and this is also true for jewelry items, but if there is a timeless design, it would be skull jewelry. Considered as one of the trendiest designs, skull jewelry is still around regardless of the time of the year. These pieces can come in the form of funky rings, chunky chains or dangling earrings and they have even made their way to the haute couture runway. Created as a jewelry piece or incorporated in clothing wear, skull designs continue to dazzle top designers around the world who use the pattern in their runway projects.
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Before, masculinity has been the most common meaning drawn out from wearing skull jewelry, but this is no longer true these days as anyone rocks this accessory anywhere. The skull pattern is arguably considered as one of the most ancient and fierce ideograms and creators of skull jewelry have taken this idea a step further. By making use of different materials, they are able to create different pieces that exude different characters. In this era of fashion, men and women alike are now wearing skull jewelry regardless of the season. There is a certain appeal to these pieces that through the years, it remains on top of the most commonly used designs.
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By combining new materials and other symbols with skull jewelry, designers are able to come up with pieces with a different meaning. When skulls are incorporated with wings, it signifies freedom; when it is paired with butterflies it represents the cycle of nature. Regardless of the piece you are wearing, may it be an earring skull jewelry, a skull ring or a skull chain, what’s for sure is that skull jewelry and designs are not going away that soon. It will continue to provide a statement and will continue to complement the garment one is wearing.