Turn Your E-book Into a Class Or Seminar

If you want to radically increase your monthly income then you should seriously consider running tele-classes or seminars. And if you have an e-book that you are already selling online then you should be able to do this quite easily.

So let’s suppose you have created your first e-book of 100 pages. Let’s also suppose your niche is “Coping with Teenagers”. Okay! So you have written your 100 page e-book and you sell this for $47. Then you create your second product which is a home study course, or a 3-cd set. And you sell this for $97.

This second product goes into more detail about coping with teenagers. It answers more questions and has some of your personal experiences included in the product. It gives more examples and gives more solutions to dealing with teenagers.

The first product you sell is $47 and the second product you sell is $97. They both basically say the same stuff but the second product goes into more detail and it has more of your personality it in.

Now the issue with most e-book products, courses and home study courses is that when the reader encounters a problem there is no-one to speak to. If you offer email support then that’s great, but an email may take an hour or so to get a response. What’s usually missing is the personal touch.

Now how about we take the teaching process one step further and create either a three day seminar or an 8 week tele-class. Now for a seminar or a tele-class – you can charge anywhere from $2,000. So if you decide to create an 8 week tele-class for say, 10 students and you charge $2,000 that will equate to $20,000.

Now the difference between your cd set, your home study course and your tele-class is that the students get to speak with you direct. They get to hear you, they get to speak with you, they can get their personal questions answered directly and they can ask you anything they want and get their needs met instantly.

Now from your point of view, you must deliver what you promise. So if you say that your 8 week tele-class will create a more trusting relationship between the client and their teenager then you must deliver the results. You should also add value to your product. It may be a good idea to add homework, add email support, add an audio copy of the tele-class or whatever. You want to over deliver on your promise. And that way you can increase the fee you charge your clients to get their problems solved.

Now this process will work in whatever niche you are in. It will work if your niche is health related, if your niche deals in home organising, real estate, personal development, just about any niche going.

What you need to do is get your head around the fact that if you can write a 100 page e-book, you can produce a cd set of 3 to 4 cds. And if you have enough information for a cd set then you can create a high ticket class or seminar for $2,000 or more.

The information in each product is the same. The e-book, the cd set and the class all contain the same information, the same steps. What’s different is the depth of personal contact between your client and yourself. The client will obtain a deeper level of your involvement and for that you can ask a premium.

7 Steps To Writing An Outstanding Mini E-Book

1. Finish before you start:

The greatest secret of outstanding authors is that they finish each book before starting.

Its simple: what’s the book about?

What messages do you intend to pass to your readers?

Put all your points on paper, list them as they follow each other and try to see how you can link them together, if this is done your book is as good as finished, it makes your work interesting and less stressful.

2. Give it a catchy title:

No matter your reason for writing your mini book, you sure must find a way of making people download it, its not just about writing an e book, if I had an option of downloading 100 books at a particular time why should I download yours?

the first thing I am likely to see before I have the opportunity of reading your book is your e-book title let me give you this simple illustration.

Title 1: internet money making secrets.

Title 2: make money on the web.

Title 3: internet rich rat………

“……….quick steps to internet riches even if you are a church rat.”

Which of these titles would you rather pick and why?

No wonder someone said” titles are like magnets, they sell books like crazy!

3. Touch your reader:

learn to write emotionally no matter what you are writing about, touch your reader, always have it at the back of your mind that your book will be read by a human being who has emotions, learn to chip in a bit of emotions, it helps your reader build a relationship with you without meeting you, wouldn’t you be happy to get a mail from someone who read your book and liked it?

4. Remember the kiss principle:

“Keep it short and simple”, to me its K.I.S.S.S, “keep it short simple and straight to the point”.
Don’t beat about the bush, if you are writing about the 7 laws of money for instance, give it an intro, List the points and talk about each one in a way that the reader will easily understands it.

5. Spice it up:

What would a little bit of humor do to your book? Some people believe that mixing humor with business makes you look unserious. while this notion might not be totally wrong, a little bit of humor will sure lighten up the mood of your reader. I was reading a book on mysql and php, prior to that time I was pretty scared of web designing languages and I had tried reading some other books but got scared off, this book looked like a normal book with lots of humor, I was learning php and laughing, a little bit of humor wont kill you, try it out it, sure works.

6. Make research:

its impossible to give what you don’t have, writing entails giving out information. Spend time and money on research, in no time your readers will know where to go to when in need of certain information and they will be willing to pay any amount to read your book.

7. Be a blessing to your reader:

Don’t just write for the purpose of traffic generation and money making; rather write to bless your reader. Make up your mind never to write trash, ask yourself this simple question:
“What new thing will my reader learn from this book?” All the best.

A Review of Tiffany Dow’s “Building an E-Book Empire”

Writing a review of anything means you have to be a critic. But a critical review is not necessarily criticism, right? Could be though. Even critics who usually give praise can be brutal.

Or a great review can be written by one of the toughest critics. It just depends. On what? It depends on whether they like it or not, right? Will I bash Tiffany Dow’s eBook, “Building An eBook Empire” or will I give it rave reviews? Well, it depends…

“Building An eBook Empire” – Is It Just Another ‘How-To’ eBook?

Yes it is. It is a “how-to” eBook but I’m not planning to review the “how-to’s” step by step here. Movie critics would be out of a job if their reviews were just the facts – the list of actors, details of the plot, the director, how long it lasts, yada yada. That’s boring. But I will review a few of Dow’s how-to details that are not the least bit boring:

  • How to create and launch an ebook
  • How to set up shop, an eBook shop!

How to Create An eBook

Pick A Topic

The first week, Dow said, is research time. Focus on headlines. Throughout the week, write things down that sound like a headline. Some of them will ultimately become chapter titles. Don’t worry about the title of the eBook just yet.

During this first week, don’t get hung up on what you want to write about – it’s research time to find out what the market needs and wants. Headlines will jump out at you. Write them down. This is not the time to write about what you like. Do that on your own “free” time. This is a money making project. Dow is so funny describing this whole part of the process. I won’t give away the punch line but she writes so well, that while you learn you laugh.

You can pick your niche in the market but you have to know how. Dow shows you how to pick a niche or how to pick a bigger market than a narrowed down niche in that market.

Long before hearing anything about this ebook, I was polled. Dow polls her list. I am on it and she is very sincere about finding out what the people on her list need. It’s a critical step toward building an eBook empire and it is also part of the launch. It’s called email marketing.

Email Marketing – Part of the Launch

Dow teaches email marketing as part of your research and part of your promo – the launch. Email marketing is very important and extremely effective under certain conditions, the proper, conditions. What conditions? How you treat your list.

Over time, if you treat the people on your list well, giving them valuable information that you have discovered they want and need, then when you make an offer, they won’t refuse. Dow knows exactly how to build a loyal list and how to keep it going and growing. That’s how she learns what meat to put into each ebook.

Writing An eBook – Dare To Be Average

As you build relationships with your email list, more headlines will come to mind. Start looking over the headlines you’ve written down and begin to write. Dow says to write a chapter per week. Don’t write like you did in school. Write like you talk. Don’t have a target word count that you are going for – just write until your done. She mentions how a 500 page eBook can be less valuable than a 15 page special report.

Creating the first eBook of your empire might take a while but don’t try to be perfect. Just write chapters for your favorite headlines, The order will sort of fall into place. Think of the whole thing as a draft that no one will read. That will help you get finished. Perfectionism is a killer to making money online. Put your perfectionism on the back burner and “Dare to be average.” Learning from Dow, your eBook Empire will not turn out to be average at all so don’t worry about it. Just get started.

The Best Formatting Tips for Your Kindle E-Books

Confused on how to format your Kindle e-book? Starting on your e-book can be overwhelming. After writing the content, you need to edit and format the book so it will be readable on the tablet. Poor formatting can lead to problems that may discourage e-readers from purchasing future books from you.

First of all, there are many tools that can help you with this type of task. You can choose from Microsoft Word, Adobe InDesign, Mobipocket or Calibre for HTML format. Moreover, you can find different tools and or software online to make your formatting task a lot easier.

The downside of getting new tool is the learning time. You need to understand and grasp each function as fast as you can so you’ll not waste time in finishing your Kindle e-book. So, unless you have plenty of time to learn, go ahead and try!

When it comes to formatting, my first tip would be stick to basics if you wish to accomplish a lot in short period of time. One good example is using Microsoft Word for formatting. There is nothing fancy with the program and it’s easy to use. Moreover, it is not difficult to find because many still use this program at home. Even the old version is sufficient for editing and formatting.

When formatting your e-book using Word, you need to take notes of a few things. First, remove all headers and footers in the documents. Second is to get rid of page numbers and decorative fonts. You need to check with Amazon Self-Publishing guide to see what the accepted fonts are for Kindle.

The front pages of your book are important so remember to include Title page, Copyright, Dedication, Preface or Prologue.

Consider including table of contents for the convenience of your e-readers. The navigation will make it easier for them to jump from one page to another. You can create a simple table of content with Microsoft build in TOC or simply utilize the hyperlink and bookmark functions if you are using Mac computer.

Another thing you need to know during the conversion of documents is the text in your book will be justified automatically and numbered accordingly. However, there are some instances where bullets are displayed poorly or misaligned. It would be better to limit the use of bullets in your book.

When it comes to placing images in the book, avoid wrapping the text around the image because it will displace it once converted to Kindle format. For best result, utilized the Insert button to add images and choose the Inline with Text to position the image. By doing this, you’ll get to avoid changes in position.

For tables or graphs, it would be wise to convert it as images because older version on Kindle e-readers cannot read tables.

Don’t forget to check for extra spacing or hard returns in the pages. You can do this by clicking the formatting button and look for the P symbol. By removing it you will prevent any errors upon uploading.

Don’t forget to always proofread and perform necessary edit on your documents before proceeding to submit it on Kindle. Ask your friends or family to read the book because they may see mistakes you didn’t notice.

The Significance of E-Books

E-Books are virtual books used to display information on any subject on the digital medium. This has made the task of Internet users easier to publish any kind of information. It is easy to create these electronic books on the Internet. This format is accessible and portable on multiple platforms. Computer users can have access to these digital books on any system with different configuration. You can open and view the digital books on the computer system easily. The original format does not change. If you create the digital book in an appropriate format, you can easily reduce the size of the file. Hence, one can accommodate more than hundred pages in the electronic book. It is also easy to store and carry the digital book in portable devices like pen drive, Digital Video Disc or iPod.

Importance of E-Books:

The significance of electronic books is that they can be used for several purposes. You can use e-Books for promoting online business. An entrepreneur can write informative or promotional content for alluring the potential web visitors towards the company website. This enables you to promote the products and services online and build favorable company reputation. An e-Book can carry thousands of pages. One can make available any kind of information on the Internet through electronic books. An organization can create manuals, newsletters, reports or presentations. You can use digital books for educational purposes such as tutorials and e-notes.

One can create digital books on science or medical field and on other such subjects. Universities can organize for imparting education to the distant learning students through Internet. They can provide digital books on various subjects to these students and make learning easier as well as fun. Even authors can publish their work online like poems, novels, fiction stories, rhymes and much more. Authors can also receive feedback from the readers for their work on the Internet. You can add animation or graphics along with other such content in the digital books.

E-Books can be published in variety of formats such as PDF, HTML, Word document and much more. These formats make your task of publishing content easy and smooth. You can create e-books in different file formats and for this you can also use conversion software like word to PDF converter and make e-books creation easy and smooth.